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Road to Rio Feature: KATIE MACKEY


With excitement building around this summer’s Rio de Janeiro Olympics, what better time than now for InHealth to feature the Olympic-hopefuls with whom we’re fortunate enough to work? Working with these elite athletes provides InHealth the opportunity to develop and refine the most innovative and cutting-edge approach to treatment, which we then apply to our patients. This is all done with the intent of fulfilling our mission of expanding what is possible for each individual.

With just two weeks until she toes the line at the US Olympic Trials, this week we check in with Brooks Beast Katie Mackey. One of the most decorated runners in University of Washington history, Katie has continued to make significant improvements and progress as a professional runner. With impressive personal bests of 2:01 for 800m, 4:03 for 1500m and 15:04 for 5000m, Katie accredits much of her success to staying healthy and putting in consistent training.

Below Katie details her 3 favorite self-therapy tools she uses to keep her body functioning at its peak in between InHealth treatment sessions.

1) Tiger Ball:There’s nothing like the tiger ball for getting hard to reach pressure points and relaxing muscle knots! I love to use this on areas that are hard to stretch like my glutes and deep back muscles- the rope makes it handy for floor or wall use.

2) Hypersphere: This ball uses localized vibration therapy to increase range of motion and flexibility while increasing circulation. I just recently started using this on my upper hamstrings and calves and it has made a huge difference in the muscle’s ability to relax and loosen! If you’re a fan of the Tiger Ball or just plain old lacrosse ball, you might like this- it also comes as a roller.

3) Roll Recovery R8 Massage Roller: This product allows me to get all the force that I need for a deep tissue massage. Its design is amazing! I use it on my quads, IT bands and especially on my lower legs to break up any tissue adhesions.

To follow Katie’s Olympic journey and to learn more about InHealth’s approach to injury prevention and treatment, check back at!

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